3Day Workout Routine

3day workout routines

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Learn about the basics of a 3 day workout routine.

  • Training Days
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Don’t have time to go to the gym every day? Well… that’s not a problem at all. A 3day workout routine is the way to go! This means you will focus on different muscle groups one training take one day of rest and do a different workout the next training. Dependent on the workout routine you have two or three different workout a week. With three workouts you can really focus on muscles groups every training, but it will take a week before you train those muscles again. That’s why I rather do two different training, you spend less time on a muscle group but you train them more often.

The Basics

Since your training three times a week it’s going to be hard to include each body part and sufficient cardio training. Therefore it’s important to be efficient with you time and consequent with your trainings.

Trainings Days

When you train is totally up to you. It doesn’t matter on which day you train as long as you always have one day of rest in between them. This way you give your body the chance to heal and build itself. If you don’t allow yourself time for that you will easily get over trained. Where your body will actually will stop growing muscles as defense to extreme muscle stress.

One Hour

So you’re ready to spend hours in the gym? That’s too bad, because you’re not going to. After one hour of training testosterone levels begin the plummet and cortisol level are rising. Cortisol causes fat storage and muscle degeneration. Both are things we do not like. Therefore try to keep your workout within an hour. This means cut on your rest between sets and socializing with other in the gym. Don’t be afraid you’ll forget muscle groups. It's a 3day workout routine you make it up the next day!


Since you want to get impulses to as much different muscle groups as possible do compound exercises. In contrary to isolation exercises compound exercises use multiple joints and multiples muscles. These exercise are possible in every kind of routine, not just in the gym but also using the total gym or body weight workouts. A method that’s based on multiple joints are training with kettlebells


Well this one is simple... 3 sets per exercise. On the first set you’re actually just warming up, you’re preparing your body and it’s quite easy. On the second set your body is a bit tired of the first one and it gets a bit harder. On the third set you really ask for the last bit of strength in your muscle, triggering growth of muscles.


Take a maximum of 30 minutes for cardio… at the end of your training. This way you’re body has to use its energy reserves… that means fat! Because you’re doing cardio at the end, you don’t have a warm up. Do this by biking to you gym or even fast walking. For the 30 minutes of cardio, do whatever you want, if it’s the home trainer cross-training or rowing. Get that heart-rate up and burn those calorie.

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Different types of routines and methods

3day Workout for a bigger Chest

This is a 3day workout routine which is suited for your whole body but emphasizes on the chest.
This workout can be done at home if you have a barbell, dumbbell and a bench.

3Day Crazy Workout Routine

This 3day crazy workout is for advanced athletes only!If you're a beginner this will get you less result in more time. However if you're training for at least six months and you have a correct technique in you exercises, this routine will blast your plateaus away.

3day Home Workout Routine

This 3day Home workout routine will get and keep you fit, wherever you are. For this 3day routine you only need something to pull yourself up to and your body weight. So no more excuses!

3day Strength Workout Routine

The 3day strength workout routine is for you if your goal is mainly to increase your strength. This routine will increase your full body strength massively.

Body weight workouts

If you're looking for a 3day workout routine, but you don't have any equipment at home or you're on the go. then take look at some of the body weight workouts

Quick 3day Workout Routine

Quick 3day workout routines are perfect if you're a busy man/woman who does not have time to spend an hour or maybe even two hours in the gym every day. But however you are able to drop by your office gym just before you leave the building about 3 times a week...

3day Full Body Routine

This 3day full workout routine has three workouts which all target the entire body. And it does it quick! You can finish each of these routines within half an hour.

3Day super-set Workout Routine

A 3day super-set workout is great way to vary your training. In stead of doing 3 boring sets of ten or twelve reps, you do exercises right after each other. Hitting the same muscle from different angles. And so maximizing exhaustion which in turn maximizes growth.


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