5 Minute Chest Circuit

5 Minute Chest Workout

A 5 minute chest workout for when you really have no time to spare. For example when you have to run to a meeting... or a date! There is really no excuse any more!

5 Minutes is a really small amount of time and yes for a full workout it is impossible to fit that in this amount of time. However if you just focus on one muscle group, you can get quite some work done.

The 5 minute chest workout comes in two flavors. If you have a bench and a set of dumbbells try the 5 minute chest routine with dumbbells. If you however do not have any equipment near you, i have a body weight 5 minute chest training for you.

5 Minute chest workout with dumbbells

The concept of the chest workout with dumbbells is pretty easy, it's one exercise. The most effective chest exercise of them all... at least for me it is.

The Inclined Dumbbell Press

The normal or flat bench press mostly targets the lower chest of your chest and also relies a lot on your triceps and shoulders. By putting the bench into the inclined position, you will target the upper part of your chest more, creating a more balanced developed chest.

By switching to dumbbells in stead of a barbell more emphasise is put on your chest. And less on your shoulders and triceps.

The set-up

It's actually pretty simple, you will perform 3 sets of this exercise with 1 minute of rest between each set. However each set will be slightly different.

  • In the first set try to do as many reps as you can, as fast as you can.
  • In the second set you will do alternating dumbbell presses, first press with only your right hand, then only with your left.
  • The last set will be the hardest. You will move the weight very slowly. Taking 5 seconds to lower the weight and 5 more to push it up again.

5 Minute Body weight Chest training

The idea of a 5 minute chest workout using only your body weight is slightly different. To target the whole chest, three different kind of push-ups will be used. Each exercise will be done for one set.

You will do as many repetitions as you can within one minute. Between each set hold a one minute rest.

Wide push ups

Lie on you chest with your arms stretched to the sides, now place your hands two hand-lengths towards your body. Keep your fingers pointed outward. This is going to be your push-up position

Regular push ups

Lie on your chest again, now place your hands next your shoulders and keep you fingers pointed forward.

Close or Diamond push ups

Place your hands under your body. The finger tips on your left hand should be touching the finger tips on your right hand. Making a diamond like shape.

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Best of luck

Romano Chandansingh

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