Best Beginner Chest Workout

The best beginner chest workout is for anyone who is new to fitness and wants to start building a firm chest. We’ll go over the basic exercises and tell you how to fit them together. This workout can be done at the gym or at home if you have a bench and a barbell or dumbbells.

Even though the main part of your chest is seen as one muscle, we make a difference in the upper, middle and lower part. Since there aren’t much exercises that give all the parts the same amount of attention, we’ll go over exercises that targets on of these specific areas.

Beginner Chest Workout - Incline Dumbbell Press

Upper Chest

Training your upper chest will give you more volume and firmness on the top of your chest. This part needs more attention if your shoulders are sticking out more than your chest. You train your upper chest by doing Incline presses, either with a barbell or dumbbells. If your looking for a exercise witthout weight try doing push-ups with you feet on a higher surface.

Beginner Chest Workout - Bench Press

Middle Chest

Training the middle of your chest is neccessary for general development of your chest. This won’t give a specific part of your chest a boost but your entire chest. Training this by doing normal push-ups or the bench press.

Beginner Chest Workout -  - Decline Bench Press

Lower Chest

Putting extra emphasize on the lower part of your chest isn’t often neccessary. But just to be complete we included this anyway. This part can be trained by doing dips or the declined bench press.

Beginner Chest Workout - Chest Dips
Beginner Chest Workout - Cable Crossovers

Inner Chest

Wait… there we’re only three part to the chest right? True but most of the exercise stated above won’t give enough emphasize on the part where your chest muscles connect to each other, because they don’t need a full range motion from your chest. That’s why cable crossovers are essential to every (beginner) chest workout.

the Beginner Chest Workout

Exercise Reps Sets
Push ups max 15 2
Incline Bench Press 15 2
Bench Press 15 2
Cable Cross Overs 12 2

Quick Workout tips

  • Choose a weight with which you can 16 reps
  • Form is more important than weight, meaning you will get better result by choosing a lower weight and making clean reps, instead of bad reps with a lot of weight
  • Every training try to improve one of the exercise (adding weight)
  • Do this training for 4 weeks, after that you can add one set to every exercise and lower the reps to 12 per set
  • if you think this beginner chest workout is too easy try the Big Chest Workout

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