The Best Triceps Exercises

The best triceps exercises are what you need to grow and sculpt strong sexy arms.
A strong an firm upper arm is mostly made up by your triceps, sadly enough this muscle is somewhat forgotten, while the antagonist of this muscle, the biceps is usually trained a lot. However, fact is that your triceps makes up two-thirds of your upper arm. That mean two-thirds of your volume will come from that muscle.

So let’s talk about the triceps.. The name indicates that it has 3 heads, like the biceps have two. These heads are known as the Lateral, Medial, and Long heads.
Your triceps are used to straighten your arms, or to extend the elbow, the long head is also used to bring your arm towards your body. The lateral head is used for movements requiring high-intensity force, while the medial head is required for more precise, low-force movements.

To develop a strong balanced set of triceps you have to develop all three heads. To do that you have to pick or exercises carefully, luckily for you I already did that! The chosen exercises are great in isolating your triceps and target all three heads. If they are performed correctly.

More than with any other muscles it’s absolutely necessary to focus on your form. All these exercises are isolation exercises, but they will only work if you actually isolate your muscle, by using a clean form, where you are just using your triceps… So no cheating!

Okay enough talking let’s see what the best triceps exercises are

PS: you can click the link for a more elaborate explanation about the best triceps exercises.

tricep extensions
Tricep extensions

Tricep extensions are a barbell based exercise, which really focuses on the long head, which get rids of flabby arms and creates muscle mass in it’s place

tricep pushdown bar
Tricep pushdown

The Tricep pushdown, bar or freehand is a great way of building a hard set of triceps. It targets all three heads and has a big range of motion

Tricep cable extension
Tricep cable extension

The Tricep cable extension exercise gives a tension on your triceps throughout the whole motion, which makes it great as an exercise to start of your your triceps training

Dumbbell Tricep Kickback
Dumbbell Tricep Kickback

The dumbbell tricep kickback is a great isolation exercises, which i really like to do at the end of my tricep workout

Lying Dumbbell Triceps extension
Lying Dumbbell Triceps extension

The lying dumbbell triceps extension is the best… yes The Best, exercise for big and strong arms. But it’s also the hardest and the most risky

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