Big Chest Workou

Big Chest Workout

The big chest workout is for the person that has trouble adding extra volume to their chest. This chest workout will demand the maximum of your chest, forcing it to grow

The secret of this workout is Super-sets. We're gonna give the chest as least rest as possible by combining two exercises without rest in between them.

That means you will do 1 set of exercise A immediately followed by a set of exercise B and then you rest... You can choose between doing the exercise with dumbbells or a barbell. Using dumbbells will give your even more tension on your chest and less on your shoulder.

Of course the last will put more emphasis on your chest, but using a barbell will also cause your shoulders to grow. Which is beneficial for a big wide torso.

The Workout combines both a compound and an isolation exercises in all super-sets. This to ensure maximum muscle fiber exhaustion. Which will lead to maximum muscle growth.

But only if you give your chest enough rest after this workout. All your muscles grow when resting and recovering. Working out before your muscles are recovered will not only stop growing but also create a heightened chance on injury.

So after doing this heavy chest workout, do not train your chest for 3 days. Yes i said Three!! That's how extensive this workout is.

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Big chest workout plan

1A Incline Bench Press 15 3
1B Incline Dumbell Fly 10 3
2A Dips 12 3
2B Cable Crossovers 10 3
3A Bench Press 12 3
3B Push-ups max 3
4A Peck-deck/Dumbell Fly 15 2
4B Dumbbell pull-overs 18 2


  • Choose a weight with which you can just make the reps stated
  • Form is more important than weight, meaning you will get better result by choosing a lower weight and making clean reps, instead of bad reps with a lot of weight
  • Every training try to improve one of the exercise (adding weight)
  • Do this training for 4 weeks maximum
  • Do not do this workout more than once per week

Big Chest workout: Exercises

Incline Bench Press
chest dip
bench press
peck deck
incline dumbell fl
cable cross over
push up

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