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Bruce lee workouts will have you punching harder than every before.

In his lifetime, Bruce Lee was larger than life and even in death he is still an enigma. People feared Bruce Lee in his lifetime because of his workout schedules, and at his death, his workout styles have become the guidance for many martial art artists to use around the world to perfect their games. Bruce Lee was never known to work out in the gym, yet he sculpted his body the way he wanted and develop amazing martial arts techniques that made him an idol and a master of the game. Bruce Lee workouts of training himself as become a model to be followed and expanded upon by many people today, and his classic fight movies are used in many martial arts classes for instruction materials. The fact remains that using the methods adopted by Bruce Lee, you can perhaps outdo him if you can be as tough as he was and as religious as he was in training himself. Personal views of people close to him might give you an insight into the kind of trainer that he was:

Linda Lee - "Bruce was forever pumping a dumbbell which he kept in the house. He had the unique ability to do several things at once. It was not at all unusual for me to find him watching a boxing match on TV, while simultaneously performing full side splits, reading a book in one hand and pumping the dumbbell up and down with the other. Bruce was a big believer in forearm Bruce Lee workouts to improve his gripping and punching power. He was a forearm fanatic, if ever anyone came out with a new forearm course, Bruce would have to get it”

Jesse Glover - "When he could do pushups on his thumbs and pushups with 250lbs on his back, he moved on to other exercises". "Bruce was gravitating more and more toward weight training as he would use the weighted wall pulleys and do series upon series with them. He'd also grab one of the old rusty barbells that littered the floor at the YMCA and would roll it up and down his forearms, which is no small feat when you consider that the barbell weighed 70lbs".

What then are the workout methods that Bruce Lee adopted to train himself and win a lifetime acclaim as the father of kung-fu?
Bruce Lee was known to engage his body like it really belonged to him. He would go on running to keep fit and he rode stationary bikes for as long as he could do it. He also trained his abs so well that he was proud to display his abs to everyone. He had very low body fat, and Bruce Lee workout methods helped his physical strength and speed. Bruce lee also performed amazing push-ups using only his thumb and index finger. He was known to be able to hold an elevated V-sit position for over 30 minutes and he could also use the hand weight like if he was just toying with it.

How to become like Bruce Lee? Add the following exercises to you workout plan to turn them into Real Bruce Lee Workouts

Forearm Training

For great gripping strength and a hard solid fist, you need to train your forearms. The most complete exercise for your forearm is. The plate pinch.

And it's pretty simple. All you have to do is get to weight plates and place them together with the smooth sides to each other. Grab both plates with one hand. Pick them up while pinching the together, so that they don't fall on the ground. Now hold this position for as long as you can.

Do this with both your hands, for 3 three times. The best time is to do this at the end of your arm workout.

Finish of with stretching your forearm by kneeling on the floor or a mat with you finger point towards your knees. Lean backwards until you feel a stretch in your forearms. Stretch for 20 seconds, twice.

Plyometric Push-ups

The best exercise for a strong punch, is punching, yourself of the floor that is. A plyometric push-up is the same as a normal push up. The difference is that you don't stop pushing until your hands have actually left the floor. So basically we are jumping with our hands.

Start off like a normal pushing, meaning, you should be lying on the ground on your belly. Place your hand next to your shoulders and you toes should be on the ground. From this position push yourself up as powerful and fast as you can. While in the air, try to clap in your hands. Land... and do it again!

Try do as much as you can. Rest for a minute and do another set. For a total of 3 sets.

If it gets to easy... try clapping in your hands twice ;)


A punch doesn't just get it's speed from your triceps and chest. You have to be able to pull your fist back too... fast! That means a strong back and biceps. And doing pull-ups is the best exercise to train them.

Just find a doorpost you can hang on and pull yourself up as many times as you can. For three sets with a minute of rest in between. If you are not able to pull yourself up, place a chair under the the pull-up bar or doorpost and lean on it with one leg. This way you can assist yourself a little bit.

That's the way Bruce did it's workouts. So you can start incorporating these exercises in your workout routines.

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