Crazy Triceps Circuit

Workout Facts

Length: 20 minutes

Equipment: Gym

Target: Quadriceps, Hamstring, Adductors, Abductors, Calves

Level: Intermediate

The Crazy Triceps Circuit

Scroll down for images of the exercises, or click on the exercise.

A Dips (on a bench) 15,12,12 3
B Rope push-downs 12, 10, 10 3
C Reverse grip pushdown’s 12, 10, 10 3
D Overhead tricep extension 12, 10, 10 3
E Close-grip barbell press 12, 10, 10 3
F Triceps stretch 15 sec per arm 3

This Crazy triceps Circuit will smash your Triceps. Causing them rebuilt themselves, bigger and better than every before!

In a circuit we do one set of every exercise after one another without a break and take a minute rest when you have done one set of every exercise. But because we are doing a Circuit on just one muscle group we have to adjust it a bit. That’s why we will have a 30 sec rest between every exercise. The rest at the end will be one minute.

This crazy triceps workout uses a lot of different resistance techniques, to get the maximum effect you need to be in a gym. However you can replace most of the exercises with a dumbbell variant

After the table you will find clear explanantions and images of the exercises.

Workout Tips

  • Choose a weight with which you can just make the reps stated
  • Form is more important than weight, meaning you will get better result by choosing a lower weight and making clean reps, instead of bad reps with a lot of weight
  • If you feel this workout is too much for you, than stop doing it! This workout is really heavy. It’s better to start with a lighter triceps routine rather than injuring yourself.
  • Do not do this workout more than once per two weeks

Triceps Circuit Exercises

Tricep dip

Place two benches or chairs across each other, Place your feet on one bench and your hands on the other, with your chest facing up like you would be sitting. Now let your butt hang in between the two benches. Drop down by bending only your arms. Push yourself back up by straightening them.

rope pushdown
Rope pushdowns

The Tricep pushdown, bar, rope or freehand is a great way of building a hard set of triceps. Go to a pulley station and attach the rope. Grab the rope at both ends. Now pulldown the rope by straightening your arms. And slightly push your arms outward. Slowly bend your arms again.

reverse pushdown
Reverse Grip Pushdowns

This is the same as the rope pushdown, but this time attach a straight bar. Grab the bar with your handplams facing up.

triceps extension
Overhead Tricep extensions

Tricep extensions are a barbell based exercise, which really focuses on the long head, which get rids of flabby arms and creates muscle mass in it’s place

close grip bench pres
Close grip barbell Press

Lie down on an bench with a barbell on a rack. Grab the barbell at shoulder width. Slowly lower the bar to your chest. And pushing it back up, keep your elbows close to your body.

Tricep cable extensionThe Tricep cable extension exercise gives a tension on your triceps throughout the whole motion, which makes it great as an exercise to start of your your triceps training

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