Crazy Workouts

crazy workouts


Use these quick and effective circuit workouts to build muscle, using workouts that only take 20 minutes.

Do you want crazy workouts that will make you muscles burn and cause them to grow as never before.
Have you been stuck on the same level for weeks now and you really need a new challenge?

Or... are you just crazy and therefore need a Crazy Workout..
In all cases you can try out this collection of the most insane workouts i can think of.

They are all designed for one specific muscle group. Which you will tear apart doing these workouts.

Crazy Circuits!

crazy shoulder workou
Crazy Shoulder Circuit

This Crazy shoulder Circuit is will make you feel like your arms are about to fall off. Or you'll hope they do..

crazy biceps workout
Crazy Biceps Circuit

This Crazy biceps workout will make your biceps explode. This will trigger every single muscle fiber to grow, grow and grow!

crazy triceps circuit
Crazy Triceps Circuit

This Crazy triceps workout will smash your Triceps. Causing them rebuilt themselves, bigger and better than every before!

Crazy back circui
Crazy Back Circuit

If you have experience training your back and you want amazing results. Read on!

Crazy Abs Circuit

Get ready for the burn! With this crazy abs circuit your abs will feel like hot, solid rocks! Also watch the abs secrets video

Crazy Abs Circuit II

In this Ab circuit we are going to make your core burrrrrn! And there are no excuses, because this ab circuit can be done anywhere and anytime

Crazy Legs Circuit

If you do the crazy legs circuit, make sure you have a wheelchair on stand-by... Just in case.

Total Insanity Workout

The craziest of crazy workouts, if you are looking for a workout that will leave you gasping for air... while you are running to the toilet to throw out your lunch... This is it!

Keep in mind that these workout are really heavy and should not be done too often. I only do these crazy routines once month, instead of my normal training for that muscle group.

Also whenever you do these workouts or actually any other workout, always keep a clean form. It's about the quality of the reps and certainly not about the weight your using.

When you're really serious about training and transforming your body, take a look at The Turbulence Training Program, a high intensity program which is designed by Men's Health Magazine's Craig Ballantyne.

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