Insanity Workout

Workout Facts

Length: 20/30 minutes

Equipment: none

Target: Total Body

Level: Intermediate

If you came here looking for the insanity workout full video, i have to disappoint you. This is the Total insanity workout, if you are looking for a workout that will leave you gasping for air… while you are running to the toilet to throw out your lunch… This is it!

This is the workout I used to get at Martial Arts Instructors Training. As a Martial Artist you have to be in shape, you have to have killer stamina, power and speed. If you are a Martial Arts Instructor like need even more! During this training there would always be 3 or 4 guys either running to the toilet or just collapsing. So this workout isn’t for the weak. You are warned!

However there is a big difference with doing this insane workout in a group like I did, and doing it alone. And that’s motivation, when I did this workout i was with a group of 20 men and women who all wanted to be the best and on top of that we had our headmaster, who didn’t settle for average. This combination made me, and all the others push us to our very limit.
When you will be doing this workout you will not have a ‘drill sergeant’ like I had, which means you will eithet have to be your own, or do this workout with someone who is just as motivated (or even more) as You.
You will have to motivate you and make you keep going until you pushed every last drop of sweat out of your body. This is the key part of this workout.

Are you ready?

For the insanity workout you need to have a space where you can run. This can be anywhere.. but you have to be able to run 50 yards, this doesn’t have to be in a straight line though, you can also just run forth and back a couple of time. Besides that you don’t need anything else, except a strong will.

The set-up is simple. After you warm up by jogging for 2 minutes, you will do one exercise 20 times, then do a moving exercise for 50 yards followed by the next exercise, without rest.

After you finished the whole set. You rest by jogging for 60 seconds. And then you go again!

How many sets? As Much as you can do before you collapse!

If you’re looking for Insanity workout full video, look here

Stationary exercise Reps Moving Exercise
Push Ups 20 Sprint
Inverse Crunches 20 Knee-ups
Squats 20 Heel-ups (kick your heels to your butt, every step you make)
Burpees 10 Lunges (do this slow..see it as your break)
Lying Leg Raises 20 Jumps, with both feet next to each other

Have fun with your insane workout. If you’re really serious about training and transforming your body to the next level, take a look at The Turbulence Training Program, which is designed by Men’s Health Magazine’s Craig Ballantyne. It contains a lot of great workout that gets makes your burn fat and build muscle, just like this insanity workout.

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