Mark Wahlberg Workout

One of Mark Wahlberg’s Workouts

Mark Wahlberg started working out as a teenager, when he would go to the gym to give himself something to do and to keep him off the streets. He was further encouraged to maintain a fitness regimen with his early career as a Calvin Klein model and as a singer being one of the original members of New Kids on the Block and later, on his own, as Marky Mark the rapper. Mark typically exercises 5 times a week in 30 minute workout sessions that consist mainly of weight training. A Mark Wahlberg workout doesn’t include hours of cardio and crunches, instead, he likes to focus on specific body parts or groups of muscles and achieve a high intensity workout on them.

Training Method

He likes to concentrate on 2 or 3 muscle groups and then do all the weight lifting exercises for that group as hard and as fast as possible. He doesn’t believe in easy days or catching your breath between sets. The Mark Wahlberg Workout is all in and flat out. He normally doesn’t have a personal trainer, but does add extra or specialized exercise routines that are specific to whatever movie he is working on or getting prepared for. He spent 2 hours a day playing hockey for the movie Four Brothers and spent 2 years boxing in preparation for The Fighter.
Mark Wahlberg had his own gym with a boxing ring built to prepare and train for The Fighter. The following is the Mark Wahlberg workout that he followed for The Fighter.

  • Warm Up
  • 5 minutes of jump rope
  • 5 minutes of squats
  • 5 minutes of speed bag
  • 5 minutes of double bag
  • 5 minutes of heavy bag
  • Boxing portion of the workout consists of sparring and mitt work that lasts 45 minutes.

  • Strength Training is done immediately after the boxing portion while all the muscles are still warm and flexible. Mark always wears a 35lb weighted vest while exercising. He likes to do supersets when strength training; this involves performing one exercise in the set, then while those muscles rest, immediately performing another exercise in the set that targets a different group of muscles.
  • Monday he focuses on the legs, biceps and back.
  • Tuesday he works on the chest, shoulders and triceps
  • Wednesday  he concentrates on the legs, buttocks and biceps
  • Thursday and Friday he rests
  • Saturday he starts the weight lifting regimen over. He likes to strength train 5 days a week, but not in a row.


Mark Wahlberg also follows a very strict and clean diet. He works his muscles hard and believes that the chemicals produced by the body have an overall effect on the entire body and not just the specific muscle being exercised; this is evidenced by his spectacular six-pack abs and he never does crunches or the cardio that he abhors. You too can achieve impressive results following this workout. Results are easily noticeable after as little as one month, following the high intensity Mark Wahlberg Workout.

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