A Simple Beginner Dumbbell Workout

A Simple Beginner Dumbbell Workout
Being in the best physical condition requires a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. This means you need to use a combination of routines that both raise the level of heart activity for a certain length of time, such as walking, jogging or aerobic exercises. Plus, weight training and resistance exercises to help tone, shape and increase muscle mass for maximum fitness.

You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership to achieve the goal of good physical fitness. For the anaerobic aspects of your workout, all you need are two dumbbells and you can fashion a simple beginner dumbbell workout that will work on all of your major muscle groups, helping to tone and shape your body while improving strength and performance.
A simple beginner dumbbell workout can be done by those who are young or the young at heart. All you need to start with is a pair of dumbbells with weights that will effectively work your muscles. Not to heavy so you can get in enough repetitions, but not too light so they will have a positive effect. As you progress in your workout routine you will probably increase the weight of your dumbbells gradually, but for most people the weight will never be excessive.
For those concerned with toning more than gaining extra muscle mass, this dumbbell workout is perfect for shaping the body and keeping the weights low will insure that you are not bulking up, but rather becoming more slender while toning all the major muscle groups.
Your dumbbell workout will consist of five basic exercises done in sets of threes with a minute or two of rest in between. Before you start lifting the dumbbells, you’ll need to warm your muscles up with a quick light cardio routine, such as stretching and doing some basic exercises slowly so you don’t cause an injury. Then when you have warmed up, you can start the beginner dumbbell workout.


Dumbbell Curls: The most recognizable method we associate with dumbbells, you stand straight up holding the dumbbell down by your sides and lift them one at a time to your shoulder. Keep your back straight and lift with the bicep muscles.


Dumbbell Tricep Extension: Sit in a chair straight up holding a single dumbbell over your head with both hands. Slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head keeping your elbows pointed upwards until the weight is behind your head. Then lift it back to the original position.


Military Press: Hold the barbell up to your shoulders sideways, then press them overhead until your arms reach fully up.


Dumbbell Bench Press: Lie on your back with the dumbbells at your shoulders elevated up to chest level, then press them upwards until the arms are extended.


Dumbbell Lunges: Hold the dumbbells at your side while standing straight up. Extend on leg forward and bend at the knee until your thigh is perpendicular to the floor and your calf is vertical, then return to the standing position. Repeat move with the other leg.

These five dumbbell exercises can be augmented with other routines to fully develop all of your muscles groups. Be sure to check with your physician first and keep things slow until you feel comfortable with the routines.

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