susana spears workout

Susana Spears Workout

With summer fast approaching, many of us look to get in shape by trying out a new exercise program. Of the thousands of videos out there, the Susana Spears workout is one that combines a healthy diet with strong aerobic exercise to drop the pounds, reduce the waistline and fashion an overall slim, healthy body is a relatively short period of time.
Susana Spears has crafted her workout over a number of years to obtain maximum results without the need for extra equipment or expensive health club memberships. The lean, tight body that many of us want is not easy to get, but the Susana Spears workout makes it fun and entertaining while dancing or running the pounds away.
The first step to engaging in the Susana Spears workout is the importance of diet for reducing calories while building muscle tissue to help burn away the fat. Susana recommends a sharp reduction of carbohydrates and artificial sugars which tend to add pounds if not burned away quickly. This is solid advice, though carbohydrates are an energy source and should be consumed in moderation. Your diet should be rich in protein to help build and repair muscle, consume more fruits and vegetables and lower your intake of sugars, carbs and fats. This way, you can effectively lose the weight as you sculpt your body with the high energy workout routine.

How to start

The workouts should be approached gradually if you are just starting out and have not exercised in a while. Her routines use high energy and constant motion to get the heart rate up for continuous burning of excess fat. For beginners, you should start at your own pace and if the pace becomes too much, simply walk in place until you catch your breath. Do not feel compelled to get through the entire routine on the first try. Simply go at a pace where you are learning the routine while keeping your heart rate up. Before you know it, you’ll be moving with Susana at her speed and the results will soon follow.

Training plan

Beginners should perform the workout two to three times a week for starters and then build to three to five times depending on your physical condition and how much fat needs to be burned away. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is trying too much, too soon and burning themselves out quickly. Remember that it took you a long time to put on the fat so it will take some time to get rid of it. So start at a manageable pace of two to three times a week, then increase to five times per week until you reach your weight and size goals. Afterwards, reducing the workout to three times per week will keep you in great shape.

For those who are generally in shape and want an alternate workout routine to shake things up, the Susana Spears workout can utilizes different moves with constant motion that is designed to make your body leaner while emphasizing the fat burning aspects of aerobic exercise. The Susana Spears workout is great for anyone interested in burning fat while sculpting a lean, hard body. However, she is not the only one with great workout, actually there are people with a lot more knowledge and experience about workouts and training. Especially Men's Health Magazine's Craig Ballantyne, who designed the The Turbulence Training Program which is definitely worth checking out

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