Total Gym Workout

Planning a total gym workout at least twice a week will help you achieve the desired fitness level. As a whole, your body will get in to shape. A total gym workout session will put the whole body into motion as single unit. Many people just focus on one part of the body, which doesn’t gets you the desired result. Your body would need a break, otherwise your workout session will come to a complete halt. Instead of exercising daily, you can follow a pattern with alternate breaks during week days., however, make sure that the session is intense. While workout sessions, push yourself and your body to the limit, and take small breaks in between before moving to next exercise or repeating the same workout.


The main essence behind any workout program is to listen to your body. Make a schedule accordingly that fits the time without comprising your daily routine. Either you can reserve Monday, Wednesday and Friday for workout sessions, or you can do total gym workout sessions for two consecutively followed by three day rest. Following any of these mentioned pattern will promise you the desired outcome in a month.

Total Gym Workout Tips

After choosing a weekly routine pattern, you may now begin your workout session. Execute the session by targeting each body group separately. Bear in mind the following tips.

  • always start the total gym workout session with Cardio. Cardio is extremely important for any workout session. It warms up body and pumps blood to all body parts that is necessary before lifting weight or training yourself. Moreover, the Cardio will burn your body fats, thus releasing the calories needed for the workout session. You can either run a quarter mile or start with simple push ups.
  •  Now start with the abdominal exercises first. This is because most people start with either arms or legs, which is wrong. If you start with arms or legs, you will get tired and you will put extra strain on them while performing your abdominal exercises. A straight-leg crunch is an ideal workout.
  • Now after doing your abdominal exercises, move on to arms. Arms are important as it enhances your looks. You can grab the Dumbell and do perform some variations with them such as the curls, biceps and the triceps.’
  •  As last, focus on your legs. Most of the time people completely ignore the legs workouts, something you don’t want to do


total gym pull up and pull over

The downside is that many people procrastinate their fitness workout routine. Most of the time, people find it difficult to take time out of their daily hectic routine to go to gym. Instead they now can benefit total gym workout equipment at their premises. The Total Gym Workout tool promises the results at home one could have never imagined before. By using this exercise equipment regularly, you will witness the difference with in few weeks.

Developed by the Tom Campanaro and Larry Westfall, and endorsed by the celebrities such as Chuck Norris, the Total Gym promises to be a great investment. Since its inception, over three million copies have been sold, making it the fastest selling exercise tool.

How does Total Gym Deliver

Success to any gym workout is the resistance training. Total Gym uses your body weight for resistance training and toning your muscles. In targets each muscles groups as well as your core muscles. It can help you to perform 80 different exercises. You can enjoy numerous fitness and health benefits after using the Total Gym workout equipment. It will melt down your body fats, exposing the toned and a balanced body beneath those layers of unwanted fats. You will start feeling more confident and proud of yourself. Your metabolism will increase that will help you burn more fat and keep the weight under control.

The Total Gym can be assembled at home easily. It consists of a bench press which can be inclined to add strength. Ropes are attached and the bench press doubles up as a vertical base moves up and down on rails. You can either sit or move. There are grooves in the rails, that allows you to set the resistance. By doing this so, you can lift more weight. A foot plate for squats is also attached to the base. You can perform many variations on this unique Gym equipment. An instructional DVD along with a manual is also bundled for further guidance.

Each groove on the base allows you to set the resistance by varying the angle of the bench. If you are sitting on the bench, the higher it is, the higher percentage of your body weight you will be lifting with each repetition.

How to Exercise With Total Gym Workout

total gym bench press

Before starting the Total Gym Workout, it is recommended to warm up yourself first. You can do any Cardio to warm up your body. Now start with basic pull up workout. Lay down on your stomach and position your head and neck above the bench. Now with help of cords pull weights that you easily lift. Now perform at least three sets with in between 10 to 20 repetitions. Slow repetitions will help in getting good results and a break in between sets should be minimal. Now when you are done, start the biceps curl. Lay in the same previous position and turn your hands to get yourself in curl position. Make sure that the shoulders remain down. Start with 3-6 sets. Now move on to chest press. Seat yourself comfortably on the bench and grab the handles. Keep elbows close to your body and press the handles away from the body. Do not lock the elbows. Perform 2-3 sets. Now from same position, pull the handles up to your shoulder. This will resemble a quarter circle arc. Now perform 2-3 sets.
In the end perform incline squat. Lay your back on the bench press and your heels on the bar. Lower a bit and bend your knees. Perform squats with hand behind on your hips to balance.
Doing the same workout session for at least 20 minutes a day can help you get into shape with in no time. Total Gym Workout equipment is a great deal for the money invested. If you’re really serious about training and transforming your body take a look at The Turbulence Training Program, which can be done without any equipment at all and is designed by Men’s Health Magazine’s Craig Ballantyne.

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